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Technology has revolutionized the world and holds the key to our future. We always believed in educating aspirants who are technically sound and motivated making them ready for the industry. As a part of the training system, department has created a “Coder’s Club” for students who have interest in coding. The club includes basic to advanced computer programming activities which are part of the campaign called the coders club. This is an initiative for introducing coding concepts, and the power of computer programming, to as many students as possible. This initiative also aims in preparing students for placements by conducting practice tests.No matter what field you are in you will face a situation where you need to code up something and see. So want to learn what programming is? Or you have an interest in algorithms and need to know how to implement them in real life? Or you are interested in the development of software? Well, in that case, Coder’s Club is the place for you.

To Strengthen students in a coding culture and reaching every student passionate about coding(to take part in National/International coding competitions eg-TCS CodeVita, Inframind,EngiNX,FACEetc). The club’s motto is to Create-Build-Innovate.


  • Motivating students to think, innovate, and show their talents.
  • Improving overall programming skills of students.
  • Organizing job-oriented training as per the industrial requirement.

Code of Ethics/Professional Responsibilities

  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Avoid harm.
  • Respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, creative works.
  • Respect privacy

Who Can Join the Team?

  • Interested in programming.
  • Needs to take part in various programming events, both inter-college and intra-college.
  • Wants to learn to program with fun.
  • Likes to get the latest updates in the programming field.

CodeChef JSCOE Chapter [Competitive Programming Community led by Codechef !!]

  • The Codechef JSCOE Chapter is a chapter among the 278 chapters established by various colleges and mentored by CodeChef. The main purpose of the establishment of this chapter is to build and enhance the competitive programming skills of the students.
  • Activities under Code chef are Sprint 1.0 Contest, Training on Programming using C and C++ and Python.
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aruna K. Gupta

Faculty Coordinator Prof.A.K.Gupta
Codechef chapter coordinators: 2021-22 1. Chinmayanand Deshmukh (President)
2. Sourabh Uttarwar (Event Lead)
3. Mayuri Pawar (CP Lead)
4. Aryan Pagare (Outreach Lead)
Codechef chapter coordinators: 2020-21 1.Pruthviraj Deshmukh (President)
2.Atharva Sane (Event Lead)
3. Mayur Garud (CP Lead)
4. Atharva Joshi (Outreach Lead)
Student Coordinator 2019-20 1.Abhijit Mohanta
2.Rucha Sheth
3.Vedant Kulkarni
4.Ashutosh Gulame
5.Pruthviraj Deshmukh
2018-19 1. Dyuti Dhar
2. Prarthana Shah
3. RuchaSheth
4. Abhijit Mohanta
5. Vedant Kulkarni



1. TCS Digital

The TCS Digital exam is a 3 hour (180 minutes) online test conducted on the TCS ion platform. TCS Digital Placement Paper is very hard and only 2% of the students who give TCS Digital exam clear the TCS Digital Online Test as the questions are of very hard difficulty. They will ask a lot of questions from Data Structures and Algorithm, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithm, and various other algorithms sections.The Technical rounds consist of several questions from Operating System, Algorithms and programming language like Java, C++, and Python. It also consisted of Business 4.0 Technologies like Cloud, Machine Learning and IoT.

Placement through TCS Digital-
Name Package
Abhijeet Mohanta (2020) 7 LPA
K DyutiDhar (2019) 7 LPA

2. TCS Ninja

TCS Ninja NQT is a National Qualifier Test conducted by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) in order to recruit candidates from a wide variety of areas. This exam provides jobs to almost 10,000 candidates, from a staggering number of 300,000 applicants. The TCS Ninja NQT exam is divided into 4 groups: 1st group - English, 2nd Group - Quantitative Aptitude, 3rd Group - Programming Concepts, and 4th group - Coding. The flow of the entire exam will be from the 1st group to the 4th group. Once a student moves from one group to another, you can not go back to the previous group. For example, once you have moved from English to Quantitative Aptitude, then you can’t go back to the English group.

Tips regarding Technical Interview

  • Keep the resume updated and mention only those programming languages in which you have in-depth knowledge. Questions will only be asked according to the programming languages or skills mentioned in the resume.
  • Questions related to programming languages such as C, C++, Java will be asked in order to test your in-depth knowledge.
  • Questions related to final year projects or industrial training will definitely be asked, so prepare for these for the interview.
  • Additionally, you should have good communication skills while giving the interview

Placement through TCS Ninja-
Name Package
VedantKulkarni 3.36 LPA
SaifBaig 3.36 LPA
Deeksha Gupta 1.36 LPA

3. Infosys InfytQ

The Infosys Certification program is an examination to test your industry readiness by determining your knowledge in Programming and Databases. What you get by clearing the assessment is a certification that you can flaunt as well as a chance to get interviewed at Infosys on the same day!
Infosys Infytq exam is a 3-hour comprehensive exam consisting of the two sections - Objective & Hands-on coding.

Tips regarding Technical Interview

  • In the objective programming MCQs round, students will have to answer 20 MCQs. These 20 MCQs will be asked from OOPs, Data Structures, DBMS, SQL& Fundamentals of Python. Infytq programming MCQs section is of easy to medium difficulty level.
  • In the Hands-on coding round, students will have to answer 2 coding questions. These 2 questions should be coded only using Python 3 language.

Placement through Infosys Infytq
Name Package
Omkar Gawali 4.10 LPA

4.TCS CodeVita

The TCS codevita is a programming contest, is TCS way of attracting young impressionable college students to adopt this culture. TCS codevita is a good coding contest for the student in Season 7 more than 2,18,000 registered for the competition from over 68 countries across 3500+ institutes & the student used 9 programming language. It provides a student with a global ranking certificate. The top 3 coders get prize money of US $20,000.It also provides a job opportunity to those who clear the first round, with a package of 3.35 LPA which is increased to 7 LPA if the student performs well in the interview.
The round 1 of TCS codevita consists of various real-time problems that required critical thinking about them. This coding completion gave an opportunity to think logically and solve some real-time problems.

Placement through TCS CodeVita-
Name Package
Abhijeet Mohanta 7 LPA already through TCS Digital
Nikita Khandelwal 7 LPA through TCS Codevita
Yash Shah 3.35 LPA
SaurabhWable -

5.TCS EngiNX

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has conducted the contest for engineers as named EngiNX TCS 2019 is an opportunity for engineers across India to bring out Innovation and creativity and compete for the best in class products for the fSuture. The EnginX2019 topic was “Digital Eminence – Making Things Smart”.
The first round was a quiz competition in which various aptitude questions and engineering field related questions were asked, and to go to the next round we have to clear the online quiz round. The next round was idea submission round in this round we have to submit the proposed idea of the problem statement.This national-level project competition not only gave a platform to present ideas but also gave a job opportunity in such a big company.

Placement through TCS EngiNX-
Name Package
Abhijeet Mohanta 7 LPA already through TCS Digital
Yash Shah 3.35 LPA through EngiNx 2019 &Codevita 2019
Nikita Khandelwal 7 LPA through Codevita 2019

6. TCS InfraMind

TCS InfraMind ,is a project competition in which more than 2,000 student have participated

  • First round was of MCQ Test, MCQ were based upon all the Trending technologies there were 3 rounds , among which each round contains 40 questions , and each round was base upon the performance you did ,if you clear 1st round then 2nd then 3rd .
  • By which only 1,000 student were shortlisted for next round
  • Second round was of Idea Selection there were total 4 statements provided by TCS.
    From which we have selected one and give a brief idea about it.
    -We have selected Idea named as “Block chain in Blanking sector “.
    -We have submitted a short video too, which was an overall explanation of our project.
  • Third round was Interview for the best selected project.

Placement through InfraMind
Name Package
Veda Kunjir 3.36 LPA
Anuja Jadhav 3.36 LPA
Vedant Kulkarni Already placed through Ninja
SupriyaKumbharkar -

7. TCSHumAIn

TCS HumAIn is a contest by the Enterprise Intelligent Automation & AI Unit of TCS.
In today’s digital and hyper-connected economy, personalized experience being the next big thing, TCS has developed a concept of “Machine First Delivery Model(MFDM)” for business transformation. MFDM is the principle where the first right of refusal is given to machines and only exceptions are handled by humans. This makes “MFDM” the first ever approach based on Man with the machine & not versus it.
Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are the founding principles of MFDM conceptualized and trademarked by TCS.
TCS’ AI can read, see, navigate, act, learn, judge and has ventured across almost all the industries in the world ranging from Life science, Healthcare , Retail, Banking to Manufacturing & Logistics and many more
TCS’ AI can do anything from saving life to making it better. TCS’ AI can detect Kidney & Liver based issues in Human, Prevent accidents; enable Risk management in Banking etc.
This contest consisting of rounds-Online Quiz, Idea submission, Solution implementation video round, Interview round & discussion, Grand Finale.

Placement through InfraMind
Name Package
Vedant Kulkarni Selected till 4th round.

Students are preparing for the competitions.from –

  • CampusGate-
  • CodeChef-
  • HackerEarth-
  • HackerRank-
  • PrepInsta-
  • English-
  • Interview-

8. Placement Through TCS Digital

Name Package
Omkar Tikar (2021) 7 LPA
Sahil Sayyad (2021) 7 LPA
Nikita Khandelwal (2020) 7 LPA
Abhijeet Mohanta (2020) 7 LPA
K DyutiDhar (2019) 7 LPA

9. Placement through TCS Ninja:

Academic Year No. of students placed with package of 3.36 LPA
2019-2020 06
2020-21 14
2021-22 20

9. Placement through TCS Ninja:

Name Package
Omkar Gawali (2020) 4.10 LPA
Ajay Kamble (2021) 3.60 LPA

10. Cleared TCS CodeVita:

Codevita Season 10 (2021-2022):

Name Batch
Omkar Hendre 2022
Viraj Mane 2022
Varun raikar 2022
Mayuri Pawar 2023

Codevita Season 9 (2020-2021):
Name Batch
Mr. Varun Raikar 2022
Mr. Sanket Hole 2021
Ms. Prachi Kale 2021
Mr. Ashitosh Gulame 2021
Mr. Omkar Tikar 2021

Codevita Season 8 (2019-2020):
Name Batch
Ms. Nikita Khandelwal 2020
Mr. Yash Shah 2020

Codevita Season 7 (2018-2019):
Name Batch
Mr. Dyuthi Dhar 2019
Mr. Abhijeet Mohantha 2020

Training on Data Structure & Algorithm

Training on Data Structure & Algorithm