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Research Patents

# Title Applicants / Inventors Patent Number Date of Publication
1 A Linear Compressor Virendra Bhojwani, Madhura Sevekari,, 1928/MUM/2015/- 16/05/2015
2 A Mounting Structure for Magnet Virendra Bhojwani 2573/MUM/2015A 17/07/2015
3 Flexure spring Virendra Bhojwani 3053/MUM/2015 12/08/2015
4 Pyramidal Solar Still Virendra Bhojwani 201621002282 21/01/2016
5 Two-stage integral Cryocylinder for Stirling cryocooler driven by a linear compressor Virendra Bhojwani 201621002254 26/02/2016
6 A Valved opposed piston linear compressor Virendra Bhojwani 201623007432 02/03/2016
7 Novel method to measure surface roughness of complex surfaces. Virendra Bhojwani, Manisha Nalwade, Sudhir Bhatwadekar 201621017577 03/06/2016
8 A mechanism to conveniently release footrest in vehicles Virendra Bhojwani 201621025659 27/07/2016
9 Sensorless XYZ Scanner for precision application Virendra Bhojwani 09/08/2016
10 Solar tracking system with Spur Gear Arrangement Dr. M. G. Jadhav, Dr. P. A. Patil, V. K. Bhojwani, S. R. Kumbhar, 12/09/2016
11 Energy Efficient Reliable Data Collection using MDCL in WSN Prof. Swati Patil 1715/MUM/2013 24/05/2013
12 QoS improvement using federated MAC(FMAC) in WSN Prof. D. S. Waghole 3989/MUM/2013 24/01/2014
13 System for Automated monitoring and controlling of unauthorized settlement in urban areas using remote sensing Dr. P. M. Patil 3171/MUM/2015
14 Multimode Matrix Converter Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite 3358/MUM/2010 Published Patent Commercialized
15 AC/AC Converter For Conversion Between Three Phase & Single Phase Power Supplies Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite Kraft Powercon India Pvt.Ltd Symbiosis International University Europe Patent File no. 14814235.9-1809 PCT/in2014/000414 Dated 17.02.2016
16 AC/AC Converter For Conversion Between Three Phase And Single Phase Power Supplies Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite 6 /MUM/2013 Patent Commercialized
17 Method for simultaneous measurement of harmonics &interharmonics using object oriented web-enabled approach for transmisiion& distribution system Dr. Priya Gokhale 201621044805/ MUM
18 Reliability control using loss recovery techniques in wireless sensor network Prof. S V Todkari 2184/MUM/2012
19 Energy efficient reliable data collection using mobile data collector node in wireless sensor network Prof. S V Todkari 1715/MUM/2013
20 Reliable data collection using tour strategy with adaptive data collector nodes (ADCN) in wireless sensor network Prof. S V Todkari 201621016074
21 A system and method for Marathi Text to Speech with natural speech output Prof. Manjare Chandraprabha 2108/MUM/2015 A
22 Machine Health Monitoring System Virendra Bhojwani TEMP/E-1/3764/2017-MUM 01/02/2017
23 Early Deceleration signal system to avoid accidents from back side of vehicle Suhas M Shinde, 63/MUM/2013
24 Antitheft system for vehicle Suhas M Shinde, 1262/MUM/2013
26 Intelligent Garbage Bin for IoT Dr.D.S. Waghole 201721011276
27 Position aware congestion control in wireless sensor networks. Dr.D.S. Waghole 201721031950 A
28 Smart Gas Alert System Dr.D.S. Waghole 201721031951 A
29 Smart Ambulance Dr.D.S. Waghole 201721031950 A
30 Intelligent Stethoscope Dr.D.S. Waghole E-1/48316/2017-MUM
31 One Touch Multibanking Transaction ATM System using Biometric and GSM authentication Prof. N.B. Shardoor, Prof. A. Y. Syed 201821000503
32 A System to administer the roads for any accident or traffic violation using combined techniques Prof. R.P.Bachate 201721019951 A
33 Smart System For Cost & Quality Data Aggregation of Private Hospital Data Using Machine Learning Prof. N.B. Shardoor, Prof. A. Y. Syed 201821017798