Principal JSCOE

Dear Students,

Knowledge only Liberates and technical education has been the core for the development of society and humanity. Educational Institutions at JSPM are committed for imparting time based and value added quality learning

It is our endeavor at JSPM to make students learn through involvement and commitment. We believe that quality education it the only way for molding students into successful engineers.

Modern technology helps us in efficient learning process. At JSPM, we set up and adopt all available modern methods to see that students learn the fundamentals of the technology they have chosen.

For learning, right environment is required and this is available at all our JSPM campuses.

Apart from classroom teaching and lab works, we believe in overall development of the students. We have adopted the mentor scheme where in each faculty member takes care of fifteen students and has to take the volley of peer group. We emphasis also on presentation skills and innovative projects to be carried out by the students.

At JSPM we make the learning process like ritual that attracts the students to our institutes. We are totally committed for overall development of student fraternity as we know that they are the only future growth generators of the world.

Dr. R. D. Kanphade
Principal, JSCOE