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Program Assessment Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Evaluates and monitors the attainment of POs / PSOs.
  • Proposes necessary changes for continuous improvements.
  • Preparing periodic reports on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for Management.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on programme related activities, status reports for management and key stakeholders.
  • Faculty motivation: Attend / organize workshop / seminar / FDP, paper publication, development of models / lab.
  • Student motivation: Attend/participate tech competitions, paper presentation, mini projects/models, social / cultural events, skill development programs.
  • Conduct surveys, interaction with faculty, coordinators and other stakeholders.
  • Planning of co-curricular activities for attainment of POs / PSOs.

The present composition of the PAC is as follows.

#Name of the member Designation Affiliation
1 Dr. Prakash Kadam Chairman, PAC - Progrmme Coordinator (NBA Coordinator) Associate Professor
2 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member- AMC (DAC) Associate Professor
3 Prof. Manisha Nalawade Member - Module Coordinator - Allied Engineering Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Nilesh Alone Member - Module Coordinator - Design Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member - Module Coordinator - Manufacturing Assistant Professor
6 Prof. Laxman Mane Member - Module Coordinator - Fluid & Thermal Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member- AMC (DAC) Associate Professor
8 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member- IQAC Dept member Associate Professor
9 Dr. Pradnya Kosbe Member - Internal Examination Coordinator Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Eknath Aitavade Member - Industry-Institute Interaction Cell Coordinator Associate Professor
11 Prof. Siddesh Bandekar Member - Department Training -Member Assistant Professor
12 Prof. Shekar Gulwade Member - Department Placement -Member Assistant Professor
13 Prof. Manisha Nalawade Member - Alumni Coordinator Assistant Professor
14 Dr. Mahesh Gaikwad Member - Project Coordinator Assistant Professor
15 Prof. Sandeep Patil Member - PBL Coordinator Assistant Professor
16 Prof. Sandeep Patil Member - Mini Project Coordinator Assistant Professor
17 Prof. S. S. Talwar Member- Internship Coordinator Assistant Professor
18 Dr. Pradnya Kosbe Member- Auto Club Coordinator Assistant Professor
19 Dr. Nilesh Alone Member- Drone Club Coordinator Assistant Professor
20 Dr. Jahir Abbas Member- Discovery Club Coordinator Assistant Professor
21 Dr. P. A. Patil Member- ISHARE & ASHARE Club Coordinator HOD & Professor
22 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member-VLCI Coordinator Associate Professor
23 Dr. Prakash Kadam Member-Website Coordinator Associate Professor