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Computer Lab-II


This lab provides basic practical knowledge for developing project using ARM processor. It is also facilitated with DSP boards, CCS studio for performing convolution, FFT algorithms, FIR filtering, real time audio signal capture etc.

Total Laboratory Investment:

Rs. 6,00,910/-

Utilization for the laboratory courses:

Electronics System Design, Advanced Processors

Major Equipment:

Computers: ACER Power commercial desktop processor Intel Dual core E5200(2.5GHz)2MB Cahe,500Mhz FSB motherboard, Chipset RAM 1GB, HDD 160 GB, Mouse +Keyboard operating system Linux monitor 17”flatiron LCD Projector Hitachi CPRX-79, Dell Core i5 8th generation Processor/1TB HDD/4GB DDR4 Ram/Cabinet/No DVD/Keyboard/ Mouse 18.5” Dell Screen.

Relevant Hardware:

All development boards related to different domains of Technology like TMS 320C6713 with CCS DSP, Titan -II ARM7 & Micro A960AND,Triton IDE Software , ARM 9,STK-2148 Plus LPC 2148, STK-1768 Plus and relevant development softwares like KEIL, MYSQL