The objective of this skill development scheme is to enable and mobilize large number of learners to take up outcome based skill training and become employable and earn their livelihood. Apart from providing training according to industrial requirement, Skill development scheme shall also impart training in soft skills. Duration of the training varies per their course.

Placement Outcome

Upon successful completion of their assessment, candidates shall be provided placement assistance by Training Partners.

Departmental Library

Departmental Library intends to incorporate the latest technology & adopt user friendly towards students and faculty. It is well equipped with a large collection of textbooks, reference books, competitive exams like GATE, GRE related books. Near about 845 books are available in our departmental library. The collection of books, reports and other reading resources are adequate for not only domain specific resources but for also general resources.

List of Books:

1. Software Engineering
2. Computer Organization
3. Advance Computer Architecture and computing
4. Discrete Mathematics
5. Advance Computer Architecture
6. Microprocessor Technics
7. Internet and java programming
8. Data Structure
9. Programming with C
10. Digital Electronics & microprocessor
11. Fundamental of Data structure
12. Digital Electronics & microprocessor
13. Artificial Intelligence
14. Let us C
15. Data communication & Networking
16. Computer Graphics
17. Microprocessor 8085
18. Compilers Priciples Techniques & Tools
19. Mobile computing
20. Database Management Systems
21. Java-2 Programming
22. XML
23. Theory of Computation
24. System Programming & Operating Systems
25. Asp.Net
26. TCP/IP Protocol Suite
27. Visual basic 6
28. Succeed of Interviews