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Program Assessment Committee

Objectives: To create quality culture and adapt best practices in academics to keep the pace with changing educational environment and expectation.

Program Assessment Committee (PAC) is formed with the intention to improve quality of curricular and co-curricular activities. The PAC consists of following faculty members and student representative in the Information Technology Department. This committee periodically monitors the departmental activities and evaluates different parameters related to teaching learning process and give suggestions to course coordinators for continuous improvement.

The Functions of PAC are as follows.

  • Evaluates and monitors attainment of Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSO), Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). Planning of co-curricular activities for attainment of POs.
  • Monitors the CEP [Curriculum Enrichment Program carried out before the start of every semester in the department with assessment pertaining to student learning and development.
  • Prepares periodic reports on program related activities, status reports for key stakeholderCommunicate achievement of POs, PSOs and PEOs with students and concern stakeholders on regular basis
  • Proposes necessary changes for continuous improvements.
  • To invite qualified personnel from industry and academia to enrich the deficient areas of teaching leaning process for development of efficient teaching methodology. 
  • Motivating the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, participating in National Level project competition, paper publications and engaging in research activities.
  • Conduct surveys, interaction with faculty, coordinators and other stake holders.
  • Arrangement for feedback response and surveys from students, parents and other stakeholders.
  • To evaluate effectiveness of program outcomes and proposing necessary changes.
  • To ensure credibility of evaluation procedure.

Programme Assessment Committee (PAC) Committee

Sr. No Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S. V. Todkari HoD
2 Prof. A.V. Deshpande Program Coordinator
3 Prof. A.V. Deshpande PAC Coordinator
Module Coordinators
4 Prof. A. K. Gupta Software Design & Development
5 Prof. M. K. Gawali Database Management
6 Prof. A. K. Kale Web Technologies
7 Prof. S. U. Ayachit Computer Architectures and Operating System
8 Prof. D. A. Gaikwad Computer Networks
Class Coordinators
9 Prof. A. K. Kale SE Class Coordinator
10 Prof. S. R. Dhotre TE Class Coordinator
11 Prof. S. S. Karhale BE Class Coordinator