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Departmental Advisory Board

Department has its own advisory board which is comprised of internal stakeholders like management, module coordinators, students, faculties and external stakeholders like industry representatives, academicians, R&D representatives, IEEE Professionals and parents. Biannual meetings of DAB are conducted before commencement of academic year. Valuable feedbacks and suggestions from DAB meetings are being incorporated in curriculum planning and execution.

Functions of DAB are as Follows:

  • Approval of Vision, Mission of department
  • Approval of PEOs, PSOs,COs of department
  • Defines current and future issues related to programme.
  • Develop/recommends new or revised PEOs,PSOs
  • Recommends the proposals/requirements for effective implementation of OBE
  • Provide guidelines in enrichment of curriculum and deployment of the same.
  • Analyze and evaluate program level gaps.
  • Recommends various assessment tools for measuring outcomes
  • Evaluates the attainment of PEOs, PSOs, POs and proposes necessary improvements
  • Recommends research and entrepreneurship guidelines.

Constitution of DAB

1 Prof.Jyoti Patil HOD
2 Prof.Aarti Deshpande Program Coordinator
3 Dr.Sanjay Sawant Management Representative
Module coordinators
4 Prof.A.K.Gupta Software Design &Development
5 Prof.M.K.Gawali Database Management System
6 Prof.A.K.Kale Web Technologies
7 Prof.S.U.Ayachit Computer Architecture and Operating System
8 Prof.S.S.Nannaware Computer Networks
9 Dr.SachinTodkari Faculty Representative
Industry Representatives
10 Mr.Parikshit.P.Deshmukh Vodafone Pvt.Ltd
11 Mr.Suhas.S.Thorat Springer Nature Pvt.Ltd
Alumni Representatives
12 Mr.Abhimanyu Pandit Parametric Technology Corporation
13 Mr.Mayur Gujarathi Tibco software Inc.
14 Mr.AbhjeetMohnta TCS
External academia Representative
15 Dr.Vivek Deshpande "HOD Computer Department Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT),Pune"
R & D Representative
16 Dr.Daraqshan Sajjade "Software Developer, Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO] [Bangalore]. "
"Professional Society Representative
17 "Mr. Girish Khilari " "Product Head - R&D, Services C-DAC Vice Chairman, IEEE Pune Section"
Student representatives
18 Ms.ShreyaShere TEIT
19 Mr.NageshKulkarni BEIT
Parent representatives
20 Mr.Bhagwan Munde Dept. Commissioner(women & child development Maharashtra state
21 Mrs.Kaveri Kunjir Member, Panchayat Samiti