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Heat Transfer Laboratory


Heat Transfer lab course is primarily being offered to the III Year B.E Mechanical Engineering Students to make them understand the principles of i.e. conduction, convection, Radiation boiling and Condensation modes of heat transfer

Important Equipment/ Hardware / Software Installed:

  • 1. Determination of thermal conductivity of insulation powder.
  • 2. Determination of thermal conductivity of metal rod
  • 3. Temperature distribution through composite wall.
  • 4. Temperature distribution along length of fin and determination of fin effectiveness and fin efficiency.
  • 5. Nature convection heat transfer from heated vertical cylinder.
  • 6. Heat transfer in forced convection for a pipe losing heat to air flowing through it.
  • 7. Determination of emissivity of metal surface.
  • 8. Determination of Stefan Boltzman constant.
  • 9. Determination of critical heat flux in pool boiling.
  • 10. Performance of a parallel and counter flow heat exchanger.

Practicals Conducted:

Heat Transfer (T.E)

Utilization of Laboratory:

Third Year