Department of Engineering Sciences

Department of Engineering Sciences

The Department of Engineering Sciences was established in 2004, has young and vibrant faculty members from different field of expertise mainly related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering, Basic Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology. There are thirty two well qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic teaching faculties. List includes one Professor who has completed PhD and two Associate Professor who are pursuing their PhD in their respective domain and remaining Assistant Professor out of which three have completed Ph D. All teaching faculties have completed their master degree.

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From the HOD's Desk

"Welcome to the Department of Engineering Science. The process of learning is extremely important in life. What you learn, how you learn and where you learn play a crucial role in developing ones intellectual capability, besides career. Hence on behalf of Department of Engineering Science, I welcome all you to the Department of Engineering Sciences, JSPM's JSCOE, Hadapsar. A team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members of this interdisciplinary department lay a strong foundation of basic principles of various courses of Engineering. The excellent infrastructure, teaching of the best kind ensuring quality education such as interaction among students, parents and staff ensures a bright future to its students.
Thus we are confident that our students will emerge as assets not only to this institution and to the organization they belong, but also to the country at large. On our part we can assure you of our wholehearted support whenever and wherever it is desired. Together we have a great future. We look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress as we move into that future with great optimism."

Dr. Poonam D. Lambhate
Head, Department of Engineering Sciences

Dr. Poonam D. Lambhate

Associate Professor & HOD

Dr. S. K. Pathak

Assistant Professor & FE Coordinator
M.Sc (Maths), Ph D

Dr. N. D. Sharma

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Prof. A. B. Gawand

Associate Professor
MSc (Maths), M.Phill, B.Ed, M.B.A, PhD Pursuing

Prof. D. K. Kolhe

Assistant Professor
M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed

Prof. R. H. Mhamane

Assistant Professor
M.Sc ( Physics)

Prof. A. G. Hore

Assistant Professor
M.E (Environment)

Prof. M. M. Rane

Assistant Professor
M.Sc, B.Ed, DEE, M.B.S

Prof. S. S. Jadhav

Assistant Professor
M.E. (Structure)

Prof. R. B. Tope

Assistant Professor
M.Sc (Maths)

Prof. S. A. Patil

Assistant Professor
M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed

Prof. M. B Hosmani

Assistant Professor
M.E. (Structure)

Prof. V. V. Pawale

Assistant Professor
M Sc Tech (Maths)

Prof. A. A. Keskar

Assistant Professor
M.Sc ( Physics)

Prof. M. M. Shaikh

Assistant Professor
M. Tech.(Structures)

Prof. D.M.Bakal

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (Mathematics) NET SET

About Laboratories

Add-On Courses

Student's Services

Field Visit to Science Park

ICT based WiFi enabled each classroom

Industrial Visit-Auto Cluster

Internet Lab for E-learning

Student to Student Counselling

VC Hall

Guardian Faculty Member

In this technology age, the resources are abundant but we strongly believe in importance of teachers to shape the all-round personality. In the role of teacher, we encourage independent thought, independent investigation and ultimately independent learning.

Purpose of Guardian Faculty Member(G.F.M.):

1. Student Diversity: Our students owe better diversity in terms of backgrounds, family culture, socio-economic conditions, academic profiles, etc. All the student diversities can give better effect if teachers are doing intentional efforts to blend them.
2. The quantum of students may be hurdle to server individual’s need and sharpen the differentiated but student specific potential.

Constitution of Guardian Faculty Member:

1. Every batch of approximately 15 students in the class is assigned by one teaching faculty to cater individuals need.
2. The scope of problem solving is at par. i.e. all the queries of student not only teaching- learning and technical problems but every problem of their life up-to carrier building.
3. Activities are planned to nourish their inter-personal and Intra-personal skills.
4. G.F.M. interact them weekly basis as a regular practice, however students can approach them any time.
5. Regular reporting about the activities by G.F.M. to HoD and Principal.

Advantages of G.F.M. System:

1. To promote the personal/social, educational, and career development of all students
2. To address the problems of diversified student quantum.
3. To supervise individual student’s growth.
4. To provide an opportunity for an individual to see a variety of available options and thereafter, assist the student in making a wise choice.
5. Enhancing the student interest in the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
6. To build affinity and sense of conducive atmosphere which is the most probable key factor

Additional Student Services

1. ICT based WiFi enabled Classroom
2. Audeo-Video Lectures Facility
3. Well equipped Laboratory
4. Separate Internet Lab for self-learning
5. Departmental Library and e-learning facility
6. Batch wise Practice Sessions
7. Student to student Counseling
8. Extra and Remedial Session
9. support for Extensive doubt clearing
10. Guest Lectures by Domain Expert
11. Industrial/ Field Visit

Student's Association

Traditional Day Celebration

Faculty involvement in FESA Events

Farewell for First Year Student

FESA Committee Members

Friendship Day Celebration by FESA

Students Enjoying Farewell

First year Engineering Students Association (FESA)

The purpose of student Association at Engineering Science department is to provide a structure through which students may exercise their right to freely associate in pursuit of a common purpose or goal that enhances community. The Students' Association is also dedicated to the growth and continuance of student services and cultural enrichment in department.

Gain leadership and interpersonal skills
Encourage the development of occupational, social, special interest and service organizations with an emphasis on occupationally related student organizations.
Promote community awareness and responsibility through professional conferences, chapter activities,
Community improvement projects
Helps you meet people and make friends with those who have similar interests.

First Year Student Association provides platform for students to take out their skills viz, Creativity, Leadership, Team play, Coordination. It also promotes students to carry out various co-curricular and extracurricular activities like, Seminar Presentation, Guest Lectures, Managing Industrial Visits, organize various Co-curricular events.

Inauguration of First year Engineering Students Association (FESA)

First year Engineering Students Association (FESA) was established on Saturday 12 August 2017. Head of Department Dr Nidhi Sharma inaugurated the activity. Prof. Ulhas Malawade appointed as Faculty Coordinator. Prof. Namrata Ranaware appointed as Joint Faculty coordinator. Student representative of each division of FE were selected as core team members.
Friendship Day was celebrated to build strong relation between faculty and students of FE. Students participated in various activities such as Singing, Dance. Few students expressed their views about FESA. FESA Tshirt was launched and students appreciated with overwhelming response. Next activity planned is Celebration of Engineers day on 15th of September 2017

Prof. Ulhas MAlawade

FESA Faculty Coordinator

FESA Committee

Sr.No. Name of FESA Board member Designation
1 Shaikh Abdul President
2 Pranavraj Yadav Vice-president
3 Rutuja Mulik Ladies representative
4 Suyog Yadav Secretary
5 Aakash Sahal Program Director
6 Aditya Tamalwar Treasurer
7 Rishi Sagade Art Director
8 Pisal Pradnya Art Director
9 Chirag Patade Photography
10 Kachare Akshay Photography
11 Diksha Sharma Public relation officer
12 Shinde Tejas Public relation officer
13 Band Pratik Coordinator
14 Mihir Kedar Coordinator
15 Tamboli Owes Volunteer
16 Kawade Ashwini G Volunteer
17 Prathmesh N Chaudhary Volunteer
18 Kaswid Vaishnavi Volunteer
19 Pawar Dipak Volunteer
20 Anchal Gawai Volunteer
21 Prof. Ulhas Malawade Faculty Coordinator
22 Prof. Namrata Ranaware Joint Faculty Coordinator

Contact Us

Head Of Department FE Coordinator
Dr. Poonam D. Lambhate
Head Of Department
Room No-A-310,HOD Cabin, Main Building, JSCOE Hadapsar, Pune
02026970983 Ext-217
Dr. S. K. Pathak
FE Coordinator
Room No.: A-307, Main Building, JSCOE Hadapsar, Pune
Website & Moodle Coordinator Admission Coordinator
Prof. Sudhir R Rangari
Moodle Coordinator
Room No.: A-308, Main Building, JSCOE Hadapsar, Pune
Prof. Manish Gardi
Admission Coordinator
Room No.: A-309, Main Building, JSCOE Hadapsar, Pune
02026970886 Ext.-318

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