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Funding Received

# Title Funding/Sponsoring Agency Funding Amount Department Name of Faculty Outcome
1 Development of Stirling Cryocooler for space application ISRO-UoP-STC 22,10,000/- Mechanical Engineering NA 1 Ph.D. ongoing 1 M.Tech / 8 UG students completed their dissertation/project work on the project.
2 ME student's works as Project assistant on the said project for last 2 years.
2 Development of linear compressor for Refrigeration Test Rig. DST, Gov. of India 22,74,000/- Mechanical Engineering NA 8 International Papers. 3 Patents filed. 1 Ph.D. Thesis submitted + 1 Ph.D. ongoing 8 M.Tech / 32 UG students completed their dissertation/ project work on the project. 1 Project assistant was employed on the said project for 2 years.
3 Test rig for Linear compressor ISHRAE 94,000/- Mechanical Engineering NA NA
4 Development of special purpose flexure bearing for Stirling Engine ONGC through IIT Bombay 2,00,000/- Mechanical Engineering NA M.Tech student completed their dissertation/project work on the project
5 Investigations of green sound absorbing materials BCUD 1,90,000/- Mechanical Engineering NA NA
6 Energy efficient reliable data collection in WSN BCUD Pune University, 2 Yrs 50,000/- Information Technology Prof. S V Todkari NA
7 Interact with computer using eyegaze BCUD Pune University, 2 Yrs 60,000/- Information Technology Prof. A. V. Deshpande NA
8 Authentication using 3D password BCUD Pune University, 2 Yrs 2,00,000/- Information Technology Prof. A. K. Gupta NA